Secure financial software.

100% hosted and supported in the United States
Aum online personal finance and estate planning software, and Virtual Financial Desks® are available on whatever devices you use wherever you need it, while your data stays completely private and local.


Best in class technology

Aum Family Office technologies assure effective performance, local control and ultimate security

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    Virtual Financial Desktop

    Using the same infrastructure as large businesses and governments worldwide, Aum Family Office Services provide one of the most secure, highest performing virtual desktops available. While accessible on Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android, Chromebook and other devices, Aum Family Office Services enforces stringent IT security policies to ensure that your financial and personal data remains as safe as if it were in a bank.

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    Personal Financial Management Software

    Aum Family Office Services provides the most robust and full-featured personal finance and estate planning software on the market. With our services, you can use the software to manage various aspects of your financial life from budget creation to debt tracking and savings goals. The software allows us to manipulate and perform robust reporting on your data with the Family Financial Reporting service. 

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    Business Class Bill Pay

    We leverage business class bill pay systems so you have complete control and prior approval of what gets paid when. When leveraging our personal bookkeeping services, we will tell you exactly where you stand with your ability to pay and work with you to make any necessary adjustments. When using our personal financial coaching services, we will discuss with you ways to manage and better improve your overall finances so bill pay is never a surprise or issue.

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    Password and File Security

    We use industry leading identification and authentication technologies so that only you and your authorized users may access your Virtual Financial Desktop and data. The only way to get data into or out of your Virtual Financial Desktop is through one of these authentication methods. We use "Zero Knowledge" technology so we only see those credentials you wish to share so we may do the specific work on your behalf you have asked of us. In addition we provide automated monitoring of all password disclosures to alert you if your credentials have been compromised.

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    Encrypted, Zero Knowledge Chat

    If you become a client of Aum Family Office Services, we will provide you with a zero-knowledge, fully encrypted, enterprise-class messaging application to communicate with us that way if you choose.